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Sweet & Spendy


Have you ever had a luxury craving? An itch for something new, something trendy or something you’ve had your eye on for a while and want to pull the trigger on. You start to research it, think about it, maybe even obsess. Have you given in?

Some people have a sweet tooth; I have a luxury tooth, that craves a fix from time to time. Sometimes it is brought on by new collections and all the hype that surrounds them. Amplified by my instagram feed, I start seeing the ‘it’ items incorporated into beautiful editorial-style photos. Effortlessly draped on the shoulder of my favourite instagram influencer and worn in multiple photos, selling me on its versatility and beauty.

For example with the relaunch of the Dior saddle bag, I think my instagram just about exploded. When I first saw the saddle bag, its bean shape and short strap didn’t do anything for me. With the saddle bag came the resurgence of Dior’s trotter print, covering my feed in hues of navy and burgundy. The once outdated print was now on every new ‘it’ item Dior released. It started to grow on me, I suddenly felt the need for trotter print in my life. The once questionable bean shaped bag was now on my radar and I found myself looking up over-priced second hand one on resale sites. I needed in.

Other times I haven't bought anything in a while and I start thinking… 'what is it that I need?’. I revisit old wish lists, window shop and need instant gratification - something hot in my hands today.

When do I give in? Sometimes I can be silly, I jump on the trendy bandwagon or indulge in a little bit of ‘treat yo self’ with things from my wish-list.

When do I resist? I resist when I know the item doesn't fit into my wardrobe or style. I resist when the item isn’t one I can really afford. I resist when I know its the hype that’s drawing me in, or recent push on social media littering my feed. Indulging too frequently can ruin the rush of unboxing something new, lead to regret and may keep me from indulging in those pieces which take a bit more time to save up for.

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