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6 Summer trends i'm loving

Short Suits

Favourite trend by far - the short suit. This co-ord is a perfect summer go-to for a put together dressier look. Different tailoring can change the look of a short suit, from androgynous cuts that look more high fashion, to shorter more tailored cuts that give off a flirtier flare.

Chunky trainers & Dresses

Extremely girly dresses worn with chunky trainers dresses down the look for a day time go-to. Giving your legs length and making your ankles look tiny in comparison. This look is perfect for a festival or walking around a European city exploring.

Cycle shorts & Suiting

This unexpected duo has crept up and made a big bang. Belted, worn open, tossed on over the shoulders - its sporty and quirky. Dressed up with a pair of heels or worn with chunky trainers this trendy look is all over our instagram feeds.

Slip Dresses

These unstructured sexy dresses skim your body hugging you and falling in all the right places. Worn with trainers for a day time look, slip on sandals or heels for an evening look. The perfect wedding guest outfit, or summer Its versatility is endless, carry this trend into the fall layering over a sweater.

Milk maid necklines & puffy sleeves

This neckline is something out of a Bavarian beer hall. Its about bodice and bust, pinching the waist and flattering the bust, making even a smaller bust look busty. Puffy sleeves, draped off the shoulder exaggerate the look, giving it an even girlier feel.

Big Brimmed Hats

Jacquemus is to blame for this one. Extremely massive sun hats worn with tiny dresses, or skimpy bikinis for a chic summer look. This is probably the least practical and wearable trend. But is the most photogenic - just screaming summer.

Check out how I am wearing these summer trends @milehighmary

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