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Summer totes take over

Luxury summer totes to consider, for a perfect canvas carry-all.

Luxury Summer Totes

Summer canvas totes have been popping up everywhere, flooding our instagram feeds and giving us serious vacation envy. Every luxury brand is getting on-board with this trend, from big hitters like Chanel and Dior to Saint Laurent and Celine.

The popular totes have most notably been made from canvas materials, some with a special coating to make them more robust. These totes take you from the airplane to the beach, with ample space and versatility to be used throughout your vacation, or back in the city as shopping tote.

Which tote is bandwagon worthy? Let's take a look at my top picks, ranked from the lowest to a more premium price point.

1) Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Canvas Tote

The Rive Gauche Tote comes in two colours; beige and black. This tote has a coating on the canvas making it more resistant to stains and colour transfer. It also has an added benefit of longer leather handles than most, letting it rest comfortably on your shoulder (17cm handle drop). It has three snap fastenings at the top of the tote which keep your items from falling out; from being thrown in the hat rack on a plane to the added security while in crowded places. Its simplistic design and affordable price point makes it a serious contender for your summer tote.

Pricing: £765 | $1,050 Dimensions: 18.7 x 14.0 x 6.2 INCHES

2) Celine Cabas Canvas Tote (Horizontal/Vertical)

Celine recently released their take on a canvas tote, with two similar styles - the Vertical and Horizontal Cabas tote. Both totes come with leather handles and the Celine logo cleanly printed on a beige canvas. The Horizontal tote differs as its leather handles are foldable and has a greater handle drop than the Vertical tote. On the other hand, the Vertical tote’s simplistic design is enhanced with a leather outline, making it look like it’s sitting in a photo frame. Both feature a small inner zippered pocket, for easy access and added security for your valuables, however no fastening is provided at the top of the tote. Sitting at a slightly higher price point (particularly in the US), the design lacks je ne sais quoi, and the new Celine logo doesn’t excited me either.

Pricing: £1,100 | $1,750 Dimensions: Horizontal (44 X 32 X 16 CM) Vertical (37 X 39.5 X 9 CM)

3) Dior Canvas Book Tote

Dior’s canvas book tote is quite arguably one of the most instagrammed and sought after on this list. It comes in an array of patterns, from the classic Dior Oblique to the KaleiDiorscopic, besides many other embroidered canvas prints. Its simple Christian Dior lettering in the middle of the tote brands the bag without taking away from the beauty in the art of the bag itself. While the other totes on this list let the logo do all the shouting, it is the beauty of the bags colours and art that draw you to it. Unlike the others, the tote features no leather - even the handles are made out of canvas. The totes shorter handles (drop ___) don’t make it the most comfortable to be worn on the shoulder. In fact, I would say this tote is hand-carry only for the majority of women. It doesn't feature any closure or small inside pocket either, it’s just one big pretty hole. Is it worth its high price point? It depends who you are asking; many handbag enthusiasts see themselves as collectors and it is quite arguably one of the most beautiful and on-trend bags of this season. However, it certainly isn’t the most functional and lacks versatility.

Pricing: starting at £1,950 | $2,700 depending on pattern Dimensions:  41.5 x 32 x 18 CM

4) Chanel Large Shopping Bag (Deauville Tote)

Chanel has been releasing new colours and material variations of this tote for a few years now. It’s the only one of the four that features dual handles - leather top handles and longer chain handles in the signature Chanel style. The chain handles are however not interwoven with leather, but instead material, giving them a lighter feel. I love how the chain handles can be tucked in, or worn hanging like a piece of jewellery adorning the bag. It features one zippered inner pocket, similar to other totes mentioned. Its large logo and dual handles make it one of the most aesthetically pleasing and versatile of totes in my opinion. There’s just something about Chanel that always sucks me in. It's premium pricing is definitely nothing to scoff at, as the only leather on this canvas bag is the small top handles.

Pricing: £2,370 | $3,300 Dimensions: 12.5 x 17.2 x 8.2 CM

Which one am I lusting after? The Chanel Large Shopper (Deauville Tote), its dual handles and chain detail just give me the versatility of being able to carry the bag two ways. And lets face it - there’s just something about Chanel. Which tote do you have your eyes on?

PS. Dior has announced it will launch a smaller version of the book tote, which in my opinion would be easier to carry, while still being the perfect carry on.

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