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Louis Vuitton palm Springs mini backpack review

My one year Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini Backpack review - global pricing, my thoughts, wear & tear and how I style it. Thinking of adding the mini backpack to your collection? Find out if its worth it.

The Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini Backpack rose to stardom in 2016, after being released in the Louis Vuitton Cruise '16 Collection. Spotted on the arms of celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, Sofia Ritchie and Rihanna. It flooded my instagram feed, styled in a variety of ways - from the perfect Coachella accessory to the everyday effortless handbag. As someone who loves to travel, what could be more practical than a mini backpack for me?

Personally, I hate backpacks. I hated carrying them in school and haven’t carried one since. But its mini size and durable coated canvas sold me on its femininity and practical everyday wearability. Draped on the arm of every Instagram influencer, this mini backpack was nearly always sold out and the waitlists impossibly long. I decided I didn’t need it - it was just the trendy bag of the moment; it would pass. But it never left my instagram feed and every trip I went on I felt the need for it. So finally in 2018, almost two years after its initial release, I found it in Dubai Mall - the last piece in Dubai. I couldn’t pass it up, knowingly paying a premium for the bag as it was the first time I had actually seen it on shelf.

I paid 7,300 AED and decided, given how long I had waited for it, that it was worth it. But when I first started wearing it the straps seemed too long, even on its shortest setting (I am 5’3"). The bag seemed awkward and the straps would slip off my shoulders when wearing a jacket. The leather straps were also stiff and dug in when worn crossbody. It didn’t suit my style to wear the bag like this anyway - I thought it strange to wear a mini backpack crossbody. The zipper was tough to open, having to use two hands to do so. Lastly, I just wasn’t used to wearing a mini backpack - I preferred my girlier shoulder bags. I wondered if I had bought into the trend too late - had I wasted my money?

However, I do wear a lot of athleisure wear, frequently travelling for work and exploring new cities, so shoulder bags just aren’t always practical. I would force myself to use the bag. I started carrying it by the top handle, which I ended up loving. Its zipper became buttery smooth and its coated canvas and black leather trimming made it somewhat waterproof. The perfect all-weather bag, I could use it whenever - it was worry free. It grew on me. And the best bit? Its size packed a punch - a water bottle, two phones, a charger, tangle teaser and full sized wallet. It became the perfect travel bag.

So what’s the condition of the bag like, after using it for one year and frequently being caught in the rain, snow, taken to the beach and stuffed in a suitcase. Well, there is definitely some signs of wear and tear. The D rings have tarnished (the silver is peeping through) and the leather tabs on the front have curled in - as leather does when it becomes worn. There is fraying at the back where the D rings attach and the leather tabs have started peeling. Its all minimal cosmetic damage, nothing that is too earth shattering, but I do wish the gold metal wouldn’t tarnish. If this is just the first year of wear, I am worried about how badly the tarnishing will be in a few more.

Final thought - wear will show, the metal will tarnish and there will be fraying. But with a bit more care it can be a bag that ages gracefully in my wardrobe. I love Louis Vuitton canvas pieces because their look is timeless and even when the brand stops making that model, the canvas will always be made into different bags, retaining its relevance. I look forward to it being a vintage piece in my wardrobe, one to look back on with fond memories of all the places I've traveled to with it.

How I Style my Palm springs mini backpack

Wear & Tear

louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini backpack Pricing

-Canadian pricing is subject to additional 13% tax

2,470 x .13 = $2,791 | 2,791 CAD = 1,892 EU | 30% more to buy in Canada then EU countries ex France, Spain, Italy

-USA pricing is subject to 5-8% avg additional tax depending on state

-Dubai pricing is inclusive of 5% VAT

-UK & EU pricing are inclusive of VAT

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