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Chanel Classic Flap Pricing


Pricing for the Chanel Classic Flap; looking at difference in prices based on sizing, tax refund and geographic location.

CHANEL Classic Flap Prices (July 2019)

Price difference between Chanel Classic Flap sizes

-Small to Med - average 12 -13% increase in price

-Med to Large - average 11% increase in price

-Large to Maxi - average 8% increase in price

Tax Refund

-Tax refund is possible in UK (for non EU citizens) approx approx 13% back **

-Tax refund is possible in EU countries (for non EU citizens) approx 12% back **

-State sales tax refund is possible in USA in some states

-Tax refund is NOT possible in Canada

-Tax refund is possible in Dubai (for non residences) approx 5%

-Tax refund is possible in Singapore approx 7% (for non residences)

Cheapest place to buy a Chanel Classic Flap

Based on the European pricing (July 2019), below is a table with the converted equivalent in various currencies. In grey, I have calculated the variance in price vs. the actual retail price in those countries (i.e. 5,350 EUR is equivalent to 5,950 USD. In the US the Jumbo costs 6,200 USD (see table above), so it costs 4% more to buy the Jumbo in the US than in Europe).

Forex rate correct as of July 2019

-Prices stay consistent through all EU countries whether buying in GBP or EUR

-Bags are priced approx 5% more in the USA, and also are subject to state tax (+5-9%)

-Bags are priced approx 8% more in Dubai (these prices include 5% VAT)

-Bags are priced approx 9% more in Singapore

-Bags are priced relatively on par in Canada, but are subject to an additional avg 13% tax

** Medium Classic Flap 6,825 CAD x 1.13 = 7,712.25 CAD

—> Making it approx 9.5% more to buy in Canada

Deciding between the Boy or Classic Flap? Take the quiz & learn more here.

** Prices shown for USD and CAD do not include taxes

** Tax refund was calculated based on Global Blue VAT refund calculator, as they are a company I have previously used to collect my Tax refund with in EU (

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